Individual Psychotherapy

I provide individual therapy for adults for the treatment of psychological issues in a wide range of areas, including: anxiety, depression, relationships, work/career, addiction, social anxiety, sexuality, spirituality, and creativity. I have special interest in dreams, bisexuality, 12-step recovery from addiction and addictive behaviors, recovery from religious fundamentalism, and 'writer's block' and other creative difficulties experienced by artists of all kinds.

Together, we can take a look at what has and has not worked for you, with an eye toward identifying recurring patterns. We often find that relationships and/or intense emotional experiences tend to repeat in certain ways. Once we can see the patterns, we can then start to learn how to make different choices. Psychotherapy empowers you to make those choices, in the context of who you are and what is right for you. This supports you in living into your fuller potential and coming into a richer relationship with your self, a process of deep and abiding change called individuation.