Jungian Psychotherapy

I provide Jungian analytic psychotherapy for adults in my office in San Francisco. In this kind of therapy work, we examine together the patterns in your life, what has been motivating you from the deepest levels, and most importantly what is the truest and most authentic expression of your individuality. This work provides a new experience of oneself, of having some meaningful purpose or sense of direction, and of being part of something greater. This approach is appropriate to address deep-seated or recurring problems you may be experiencing (including depression, anxiety, or recurring relationship or work difficulties). This work is also appropriate for those seeking to know themselves better or seeking something more in their lives. Many people feeling crisis or dissatisfaction at mid-life or other major life transitions find Jungian psychotherapy helpful. In addition, this work can engender a new, more holistic relationship to creativity, spirituality, or sexuality.

The process of Jungian psychotherapy involves working through your experiences and feelings, most frequently by talking about them with your therapist. In my practice, it also often includes working with dreams, sand play, or expressive arts. Sessions are typically 45-50 minutes in length, and usually occur once per week (more frequent sessions are also sometimes very helpful). I encourage my patients to keep a journal of their thoughts and feelings, and especially of their dreams, and some also find it helpful to take notes during our sessions.

I have also written a brief introduction to 'What is Jungian psychotherapy?' for further information.

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